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Product Description

The EponaCam Cradle holds your smartphone and converts it into a Hoof camera!  
Can be used with most Android or iPhone smartphones.  The light fixture is helpful in poorly lit situations, also depending on your smartphone's camera quality. Helps you take perfect hoof
photos when using the Metron Block, and transmits them directly to Metron-Hoof via Wi-fi.



In addition to purchasing the EponaCam Cradle, you will also need the EponaCam App.
We don't sell the App -- it must be separately purchased from the Google store (for Android)
or from the Apple Store (for iPhone) for $29.

The Metron block is highly recommended, and is a strict requirement if you plan to add
the optional Intellect Module for Metron-Hoof.


Recommended Options

The "Mini-Router" allows the EponaCam App to transmit via Wi-fi directly to your PC

without any reliance on an external clinic or barn Wi-fi network.

We strongly recommend the use of a blank cardboard (or other) sheet to be placed just behind
the hoof when photographing.