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EponaMind Deep-Dive Workshop - BOTH DAYS


Product Description

EponaMind Deep-Dive Workshop - To wedge or not to wedge?
June 24th - 25th 2023

This workshop is intended to provide hands-on
evidence-based experience on topics related to the hoof,
the whole horse and its biomechanics.




Lectures and Hands-on Sessions


Diane Isbell DVM

Tami Elkayam

Monique Craig

Michael Savoldi

John Craig PhD

Elmer Jones




Schedule is as follows:


Day 1 Saturday

Lectures and hands-on participation

Mike Savoldi - Lectures 30 min each
Lecture #1 Heels and how recognize them
Lecture #2 Understanding dropped sole
(3D printed sole models will be included)

Tami Elkayam - Lecture – 30 min
Fascia and Postural Changes

Dissection Lab – Mike, Monique and Tami

Dr. Isbell - Lecture - 30 min
Doppler measurement of blood-flow
with and without wedges

Monique Craig - Lecture - 30 min
Posture and Joint Kinematics

Dr. Isbell, Tami, Monique and Mike will discuss
the reasons behind wedge pads,
and how they affect posture and movement.
The do’s and the dont's of removing wedge pads.
Case studies and radiographs will be provided.


Day 2 Sunday

Dr. Isbell, Tami Elkayam, Mike Savoldi,
John and Monique Craig, Elmer Jones
Pre hands-on lecture
about raising heels – 30 min

Demo horses will go through a
before and after evaluation via
Metron-Hoof, Pain Trace,
TendiBoots to document
the effects of wedging (or not).
Including assessment of fascia behavior and
Doppler ultrasound demonstration
of blood-flow through the foot.

The recorded session of
before and after changes will be
available online for the attendees.