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Metron-Hoof --now including the Intellect Module!


Product Description


* Windows 10.

* i7 CPU

* The screen size (in pixels) must be at least 1600 x 900.  Recommend 1920 x 1080.

* 16 GB or more of RAM memory.

* Use of EponaCam and/or Intellect Module options requires Metron-Hoof version 8.1 or later


Product Description

Metron-Hoof is an image-based system using photographs and radiographs to keep track
of the horse's hoof.


Selected Features

- Touch screen ready (if your PC or tablet has touch screen ability)
- Store images by Owner, Animal, and Date
- World class image-processing technology
- Supports the optional EponaCam system
- Image calibration and measure tools
- Automatic Calibration for Radiographs (with “auto-scaler” or "metron block")
- Hoof Analysis: Guided Mark-Up and Metron Parameters
- Supports the optional Intellect Module for Photo mark-up
- Generate multi-page reports, output as PDF files
- Before/After Morphs (video clips showing the hoof changing)
- Approximate 3-D Bones from lateral radiograph
- Voice-annotation of images
- Upload images and reports to for sharing
- Integrated 'Upload Image and Comments' to your FaceBook account!

and now also featuring the Intellect Module:

- Automatically locates the Metron Block in photographs and auto-scales, crops, and rotates the image.

- Does automatic measurement of the hoof for lateral and DP (frontal) photos. 

- Requires that the hoof was photographed on the Metron Block and with a plain background
  board held behind the hoof.

Strongly Recommended Options (not included in Metron-Hoof):

- Two Metron Blocks
- EponaCam Cradle and App


**One year professional technical support service, including bug fixes and upgrades, is included with purchase of Metron-Hoof. Our team will contact you to offer continuing support at the rate of $299/year.